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Injection of cortisone is able to stop the post-traumatic stress

According to the researchers, injection can prevent post-traumatic stress in 60% of individuals who suffer trauma

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Single dose of a drug represents new hope for preventing the development of the disorder post-traumatic stress. The discovery was made by professor of medicine Joseph Zohar, of Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Professor Hagit Cohen of Ben-Gurion University, both institutions in Israel.

When someone suffers a trauma, the body naturally increases its secretion of cortisone. Taking into account this natural phenomenon, Zohar has undertaken a quest to find out that a single extra dose of cortisone could do when given up to six hours after the test subjects experienced a traumatic event. The results indicate that the probability that the patient develops the disorder of post-traumatic stress is reduced by 60%.

Time <b> gold </ b>

In most psychiatric disorders, it is impossible to establish a precise point of time in which the disease manifests itself, Zohar said. But the disorder of post-traumatic stress is the only one who has a timeline easily established, started the moment the patient experiences the trauma. This disorder makes it eligible for treatment in the "golden hour" - a medical term that defines the few precious hours in which the treatment may be more beneficial after a trauma, a heart attack, stroke or other medical events. Receiving treatment at this time can be critical.

In animal models, Zohar and his fellow researchers began treating the disorder post-traumatic stress within the window of opportunity of up to six hours after a traumatic event. Two groups of rats were exposed to the smell of a cat, and one group was treated with cortisone after the event.

After promising results with mice, researchers began a double-blind study in an emergency room, where victims of trauma who were admitted to hospital were randomly assigned to receive placebo or a treatment of cortisone. Follow-up examinations took place two weeks, one month and three months after the event. Those patients who received a cortisone injection were more than 60% less likely to develop the disorder post-traumatic stress, they found.

<b> Mimicking Mother Nature </ b>

When looking for a method of treatment for the disorder of post-traumatic stress, Zohar took his cue from Mother Nature. Most people who survive a traumatic experience does not develop the disorder post-traumatic stress because the cortisone your body produces naturally protects us from developing this condition. But the right dose of cortisone at the right time could be a source of secondary prevention for the disorder of post-traumatic stress, helping along a natural process.

His approach can also overcome the damage caused by trauma patients dosing with other drugs. In the emergency room, trauma patients often receive medications such as Valium or Xanax, designed to placate them. In fact, the Zohar says, these pills interfere with our natural recovery process and powerful, making the secretion of cortisol. "Looking at the long-term effect, people who received these drugs had a greater chance of developing the disorder of post-traumatic stress than those who did not receive," he explained.

People who suffer from stress disorder post-traumatic memories are haunted by their traumatic for them the past is always present, Zohar said. Cortisone, given the right dose at the right time, can alleviate the power of these traumatic memories, preventing its consolidation.

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