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National Inspection is done in 69 detention centers for drug users

About 200 people are involved, among professionals, human rights activists and users of mental health services

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Psychologists and human rights defenders so far examined 69 institutions of hospitalization for drug users in 24 states. We witnessed serious human rights violations, such as neglect of health and hygiene, including use of drugs without professional control. Mistreatment and punishments were also recurrent. In only one institution was preventing the entry of inspection teams, according to partial information.

About 200 people participate in activities - psychologists, social workers, doctors, human rights activists and anti-asylum movement, including users of mental health services. This is the 4th National Human Rights Watch: local hospital for drug users.

The analysis results will be presented with the final report of the inspection, scheduled to be published in November 2011. Some actions are still ongoing. The total, therefore, can still increase (see the list of states below).

The goal is to raise the situation of caring for people who have problems resulting from the use of alcohol and other drugs, to identify abuse, mistreatment and violations of human rights. The concern is they do not become space segregation, as the asylums. The investigation also seeks to follow whether the local standards of care in accordance with the ethical and technical principles of psychology.

The inspection is a joint action by the Human Rights Commissions System Board of Psychology (NHRC). The General Coordination of inspection rests with the National Human Rights Commission of CFP.

This is the fourth inspection conducted by the Federal Councils, Regional and National Human Rights Commission - the first was held simultaneously in 16 Brazilian states and the Federal District, on July 22, 2004, the second occurred in 22 Brazilian states and the Federal District, in March 15, 2006, and the third was held in conjunction with the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) in 11 Brazilian states and the Federal District, between September and October 2007.

According to the advice, inspections are important mechanisms to extend, in society, the discussion of human rights of mental health patients and users of alcohol and other drugs, bringing the debate to the field of Human Rights.

Total <b> institutions inspected by state </ b>

CRP 01 1 Federal District

CRP 5 02 Pernambuco

CRP 03 Bahia 2

04 CRP 7 Minas Gerais

CRP 05 2 Rio de Janeiro

CRP 06 2 São Paulo

CRP 07 3 Rio Grande do Sul

CRP 08 Parana 1

CRP 9 09 Goias

CRP 10 Para 1

CRP 11 2 Ceara

CRP 11 1 Piauí

CRP 11 2 Maranhão

CRP 4 12 Santa Catarina

CRP 5 13 Paraiba

CRP 14 3 Mato Grosso do Sul

CRP 15 2 Alagoas

CRP 16 Spirit 2

CRP 17 1 Rio Grande do Norte

CRP Mato Grosso 18 3

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