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Diagnostic imaging is able to avoid performing unnecessary surgeries

Method allows realization of more accurate diagnoses best differentiating benign from cancerous lung lesions

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New type of imaging - that can better differentiate benign lesions from lung cancer, can be used to avoid unnecessary surgery, allowing a more accurate diagnosis.

Study by Belgian researchers, presented at the Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, found that the new technique can more accurately determine if people have the disease when compared with the current method of PET-CT examination.

PET-CT is currently used by a doctor to determine the stage of cancer is lung lesions and cancer are detected. This test involves a CT scan that takes pictures of every patient's body and do a scan that uses a small amount of an injected radioactive drug to show the collection within the structures of your body.

This is the current standard for treatment, but this new research showed that a type of MRI, known as diffusion weighted MRI is more accurate. This technique measures the movement of water in lung tissue and can detect structural changes that cause lung cancer, even in the early stages of the disease.

The new technique also has the advantage of being non-invasive and does not require any radiation exposure.

The study examined 50 people who were about to be operated and had been diagnosed with lung cancer or suspected lung cancer using PET-CT. A day before the operation, the same group also underwent diffusion-weighted MRI.

The results showed that the PET-CT, 33 patients were examined properly, and between 7 and 10 patients were incorrectly diagnostivados. With diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging, 45 patients were diagnosed correctly and incorrectly 5. The 10 indeterminate cases with PET-CT were correctly diagnosed by diffusion-weighted MRI.

Dr. Johan Coolen University of Leuven in Belgium, said: "Our study showed that diffusion-weighted MRI could become an appropriate tool for diagnosing patients in the pre-operative lung cancer in the near future, due to its high accuracy for differentiating benign from malignant pulmonary lesions.

"PET / CT may erroneously diagnose the cancer but may also misinterpret the inflammation in the lungs as a malignant lesion. Especially in these inflammatory lesions, diffusion-weighted MR is more accurate which could help avoid unnecessary surgical procedures for people without the kind of malignant disease. Furthermore, it might help to classify patients with lung cancer to enable doctors to provide the most effective therapeutic procedures. "

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