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Service is offered at the National Reference Center in Sanitary Dermatology Owner Lebanon, which now serves more than 200 patients

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Patients suffering from psoriasis and vitiligo are treated with the use of phototherapy in public health. The service is offered by the National Reference Center in Sanitary Dermatology Owner Libânia, a unit of the State Department of Health which has two cabins phototherapy and currently serves more than 200 patients.

Since January 2010, the Miss Lebanon held the treatment of vitiligo with the Excimer Laser, equipment used successfully in ophthalmology for correction of myopia and now revolutionizing the treatment of disease. Ceara is the only Northeastern state to offer such treatment.

Phototherapy is a type of therapy used to treat various skin diseases with the use of ultraviolet (UVA or UVB). Dona Libânia changed a month ago your equipment emission of UVB phototherapy with narrow band, with 42 lamps, and still maintains a second emission of UV equipment, with seven lamps. The new equipment has doubled the service capacity of the Miss Lebanon, which now serves 200 active patients.

Phototherapy can be used in association with several systemic medications in order to obtain rapid control of the dermatosis with smaller doses of medication. The patient is exposed to light for several minutes in a cab itself. Sessions are held two or three times a week. Treatment time varies according to disease and individual patient response. In the treatment of psoriasis, the effects are noticed after the tenth session. The treatment does not represent a cure of the disease, but helps to control it.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease, benign, chronic, related to genetic transmission and requires triggers for the onset or worsening (especially in winter). It affects 1-2% of the world. It affects men and women, although onset is earlier in women. There are two age peaks of prevalence: before 30 and after 50 years. And 15% of cases, appears before the age of ten.

Disease of unknown cause, vitiligo is characterized by the presence of spots achromic (without pigmentation) on the skin. The lesions are formed due to the decrease or absence of melanocytes (the cells responsible for the formation of melanin pigment that gives color to the skin) in the affected sites. The Excimer Laser is used to stimulate the repigmentation of vitiligo patches. The technique consists of applying a laser to the lesion, preserving healthy skin. The results can be noticed already in the third treatment session, depending on the affected part and the patient's skin color. Since the beginning of the equipment, the Owner Libânia registered patients who had complete recovery or excellent response to treatment, especially for lesions on the face.

Patients are sent to Lebanon by Owner basic health units. Owner in Lebanon, the patient is evaluated by a physician specialist who does the indication for treatment of injuries. About 35 active patients treated for vitiligo with the Excimer Laser.

Source: SES CE
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posted on:
05/12/2012 21:58:05
moro em salvador e tenho vitiligo onde eu posso fazer esse tratamento.
simone maria
posted on:
17/11/2012 17:29:44
sou de salvador mas estou em fortaleza e de ums tempo para ca vem aparecendo umas pitinha na minha pele e gostaria de sabe como faço para marca uma consunta em dona libania pelo sus aque em fortaleza vejo que aque tudo e mas deficil por favor me ajude
silvania gusmao
posted on:
21/10/2010 13:12:22
sou de recife/pe tenho vitiligo e gostaria de saber como marcar uma consulta no Dermatologia Sanitária Dona Libânia.
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