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Sheets of paper will be extinct in the care of primary care teams of health

Search for the creation of a new model of software is made collaboratively between Unifesp and USP

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Researchers from Sao Paulo is developing a new system to replace, gradually, the paper chips for smartphones in the home care health teams.

The use of technology by health professionals in the Network of Primary Household allow complete automation of the chain of data collection during the field visits, which will be stored on a centralized server at the health unit and can be easily consulted.

The new system will integrate various technologies such as smartphones, wireless networking, GPS, Bluetooth, among others, in order to automate procedures that were previously done manually by health teams. "Besides the traditional data, the system will collect records as multimedia voice, images and videos," said Arlindo Flávio da Conceição, Professor of Distributed Systems UNIFESP Sao Jose dos Campos and coordinator of the Multimedia Services for Mobile Applications for Home Care Project butterfly. "This will facilitate not only the work of professionals in the field, but also promote a great saving of time."

According to him, researchers believe that with the adoption of systems such as Project Butterfly, the very practice of Primary Household should be reevaluated. The concepts developed in the context of Project Butterfly will be in future extended to the Family Health Program (PSF). "Today, without appropriate tools of information technology, management of primary health care programs is home to coarse, can look a region, or at most by a group of people," he explains. "With the use of appropriate software, such management may be more precise, allowing, for example, monitoring the health of a specific individual and therefore more effective."

A prototype version of Project Butterfly is parallel, in use in the practice of health staff from the Health Center School Samuel Pessoa (CSEB), Faculty of Medicine of USP in the west of this city. However, some challenges remain to be overcome by the researchers, for example, enable video streaming from mobile phones because of the limitations of network bandwidth and processing power these devices.

The Butterfly Project is an initiative of the Competence Center for Free Software from the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics University of São Paulo (IME / USP), developed by the Department of Computer Science, IME, with the collaboration of CSEB / FM-USP, Department of Science and and Technology of UNIFESP and receives financial support from FAPESP, Microsoft Research and Telefonica.


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