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Change in application of catheters reduce infections in hemodialysis patients

Research conducted by nurses in the Hospital Roberto Santos, Salvador, gained recognition in Cuba

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Nursing in the area of ​​Bahia Nephrology gained ground in Cuba. In treating patients with kidney problems, the placement of catheters for hemodialysis causes infections. Nurses, Hospital Roberto Santos, Salvador, conducting research in the hospital, which resulted in reduced rate of infections related to catheter insertions.

The results of the work safety and quality for the patient with Catheter for Hemodialysis was presented in May at the XIV Congress of Nursing, held at the Palace of Conventions in Havana, Cuba. The coordinator of the Wound Care for Persons (Sapfir), Rita Machado explains that the research was to change the way the catheters were used which altered down the number of infections in patients undergoing kidney treatment in hospital. Was impregnated with a cover placed Polihexametileno of Biguanides - PHMB - 0.2% in the catheter, secured with sterile transparent film. Before that, the work was with survey data in the books of hospital records in relation to infections in the period from August to October 2009.

In November last year began to be made non-adherent gauze (50% polyester and 50% rayon), impregnated with 0.2% PHMB substance trapped in a movie in the insertion of sterile catheters. The study period also had a permanent guidance of the nursing staff of the hospital through lectures and practices involving all shifts and the coordination of service Sapfir.

The work was coordinated by Rita Machado Enterostomal nurse, who is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Brazilian Society of stomatherapy (Section Sobest-Bahia), in conjunction with the Nurse Care Sapfir Rayne Alves. Besides Cuba, the same work I passed the International Symposium on North / Northeast stomatherapy with the theme: The power of specialized care in nursing and is presented by the nurse Rayne Alves, in May this year in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco .

Kidneys <b> unkempt </ b>

According to the Ministry of Health, approximately 25% of the problems caused in places where catheters are inserted in Brazilian hospitals are caused in the insertions of catheters for hemodialysis. In the area of ​​nephrology, according to the researchers, there is a constant search for new treatments through the development of biomaterial and technologies that improve the quality of life of patients with chronic renal failure.

For hemodialysis treatment to obtain an access road, suitable materials and equipment, as well as the availability of skilled professionals is what really contributes to the success of treatment. It is considered that 13% of renal disease patients are treated through the use of catheters for temporary or permanent.

However, infections related to the use of these catheters account for 20% of all complications of vascular access, whose incidence is high and severe. Therefore, according to the researchers, the polihexametileno of biguanide (PHMB) 0.2% serves as an important factor in the prevention and treatment of infections.

<b> Results </ b>

The researchers reported that with the implementation of the deck impregnated with PHMB 0.2% sterile transparent film fixed with a significant reduction in infection rate compared to the number of conventional implants. Of the 103 implants were installed seven recorded cases of infections in the insertion of catheters in November 2009, proving the feasibility of the measure adopted.

Source: UFBA
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