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21 day movement gains strength and is targeting plans across the country

Shutdown is unfolding direct act of April 7, when doctors protested against problems in the health insurance

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Dissatisfied with the negotiations on fee increases with the health plan operators and corporate interference in the autonomy of professionals, doctors around the country are scheduling a new suspension of activities for the next 21 days. Among the medical problems related entities appear to refusal to negotiate the revision of medical fees, offering paltry percentage or maintain measures that interfere with patient care.

The shutdown is a direct offshoot of the act of April 7, when there was national mobilization against the medical problems seen in the health insurance. The decision of the format of the strike will be made by state medical authorities. In some states, the call will be made only against some plans, whose names will be announced prior to physicians and society. However, in others there is an intention to suspend the service across the board on account of local specificities.

In Brasilia, representatives of medical advice, medical unions, associations and specialty societies have defined the last details for the move. Our movement is already victorious, it has managed to reorganize the medical institutions across the country around the common goal of physicians. Among them, our relationship with health plans and the pursuit of ethical care to our patients, scored the coordinator of the National Health Insurance (COMSU) and vice president of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), Aloisio Tibiriçá.

On Tuesday (20), the eve of the strike, doctors grant press conference to expose the claims of the class. The organizations also seek a meeting with the Minister Alexandre Padilha.

The category requires operators to review the amounts paid for consultations and other services, with the reference parameter and the Hierarchical Brazilian Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM). They also charge the end of unethical interference in the autonomy of professional operators. However, the reorganization of their further assistance is also on the staff of professionals.

Click here to learn more about the movement of Sept. 21.

Source: CFM
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