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Green tea can help lower body fat and controlling obesity

USP study evaluated the acceptability of the drink, as well as possible adverse reactions caused by consumption

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Research of the College of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ), USP, in Piracicaba, analyzes the effect of green tea to control obesity and points out that the product can be an ally to the food weight loss and decreased body fat. The work of the researcher Gabrielle Aparecida Cardoso compared the metabolic rate of women with overweight and obesity grade I, before and after consumption of green tea alone or in conjunction with physical exercise. At the same time, the study assessed the acceptability of the drink, as well as possible adverse reactions caused by its consumption.

The study evaluated the effects of green tea consumption and the practice or not of resistive exercise on resting metabolic rate (RMR) and body composition in women with body mass index between 25 kilograms per meter (kg / m) 35 kg / m The volunteers were divided into four groups and followed for two months with the research protocol. The volunteers took a group of green tea, while the second group took a placebo. The third group took green tea and is exercised while the fourth group, placebo and exercise.

The results showed that group 1 lost a significant amount of weight for the study period (- 5.7 kg on average) while maintaining lean body mass. The second group, using placebo, has not lost weight, lost body fat and gained lean body mass. As for group 3 (green tea resistance exercise) had its composition changed with higher body fat loss, increased muscle mass, greater increase in muscle strength and reducing triglyceride levels higher than those for group 4 (placebo resistance exercise).

The consumption of green tea combined with physical exercise helps in reducing triglycerides, gain muscle strength, lean body mass and reducing body fat, explains Gabrielle. In addition to providing a change in body composition, consumption of the product, coupled with exercise, helps the body use fat as an energy source and increasing lean body mass. Increased muscle strength is increased when green tea is consumed before the practice of exercises.

<b> Benefits </ b>

According to research, green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world and contains lots of compounds that provide a range of health benefits. Among them, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers, improving physiological function, antihypertensive effect, ultraviolet protection, increased bone mineral density, among others. The survey reinforces that ingestion of the extract also suppresses the use of carbohydrate, which increases the amount of glycogen in the muscle, helping to increase the resistance in the race, and to have less lactate, there is a greater willingness to continue physical exercise physical.

The rates of overweight in Brazil increased significantly in the last four years. According to the Ministry of Health, analyzing a group of 54 000 adults revealed that 51% of men and 42.6% of women were overweight appropriate. Among children, the figures are more frightening. About 16% of boys and 12% of girls aged between 5 and 9 years are now obese in the country, four times more than 20 years ago.

Healthy lifestyle, combined with a proper diet, physical exercise, abstinence from alcohol and tobacco, may fight disease and contribute to the improvement of quality of life. In addition, the consumption of certain functional foods, which produce metabolic, physiological and health benefits appears to be very useful in weight control. While some of these foods can promote satiety, for fibers, others have thermogenic action and increase fat oxidation, such as green tea.

The search for Gabrielle Aparecida Cardoso was held at the Graduate Program of Food Science and Technology ESALQ, who had master's scholarship for the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (Capes). The study was conducted by Professor Joceli Mastrodi Salgado, Department of Agribusiness, Food and Nutrition (LAN) of the School.

Source: USP
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