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Invention Fund invests in new and more effective antibiotics

Researchers invest money in new class of antibiotics, bacteria that are resistant against

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A fund to correct the "innovation gap, supporting the proof of concept and prototyping work has inventors at the University of Oxford, who made their first investments: funding of work on a new class of antibiotics discovered in the Department of Chemistry University of Oxford.

The Oxford Invention Fund has received donations totaling 500,000 pounds since it opened last June, from four people, including Dr. Douglas Hague and Tim Cook. The fund is managed by the University of Innovation of technology transfer company Isis. "These donations allow us to make investments in up to ten well-validated and promising technologies of Oxford. The goal is to make them attractive to the next stage of investment or a licensing agreement with an established company," said Tom Hockaday of Isis Innovation .

Professor Mark Moloney, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, whose group which drew a natural product to identify the next generation of antibiotics, said the funding provided by the Fund Invention of Oxford in the early stages, would be used to determine which compounds are more likely to be clinically effective against drugs, "the discovery of new antibiotics has become extremely important due to the emergence of bacteria resistant to current drugs. The urgency of the task is underlined by the recent E. coli outbreak in Germany in June 2011.

"This project will test the antibacterial activity of new chemicals, we have designed and synthesized to create sufficient data to gain the interest of a trading partner, as a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company to take the work further forward." The Oxford Invention Fund is modeled after the great success of the Seed Challenge Fund of the University of Oxford (UCSF) - also managed by Isis - which has awarded £ 6,000,000, funding for 115 projects and promoted the creation of 33 companies and completion of 51 offers. All students, teachers and researchers at Oxford University may apply to the fund, through Isis Innovation.

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