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Discovered "super-antibody" capable of combating all flu viruses

Research represents a shift in the emergency treatment against influenza, and paves the way for creation of universal vaccination

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Scientists at the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) and the BioMed Humabs, Switzerland, found that an antibody called FI6 can fight all influenza A viruses that commonly cause disease in humans and animals. The discovery represents a turning point in the development of emergency treatment against influenza and, over time, can help create a universal vaccine against influenza.

Steve Gamblin, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, said that "historically, it has been impossible to predict exactly what kind of flu could develop into an epidemic and thus required the development of new vaccines every year to cope with different viruses. Our discovery may ultimately help develop a universal vaccine. "

According to the corresponding author of the article, John Skehel, estimates that "every year millions of people are infected with influenza A virus, and although most of these infections are mild, individuals from vulnerable groups such as older or younger, may be more affected and more likely to die or be hospitalized. As we saw with the pandemic of 2009, a relatively mild strain of influenza can overwhelm the emergency services enough. Having a universal treatment that can be applied in circumstances of emergency would be an invaluable asset. "

For the director of the IRB and scientific director of Humabs, Antonio Lanzavecchia, "the high prevalence of seasonal influenza pandemics and the unpredictability of new point to the need for better treatments to all influenza viruses. As the first and only antibody that targets all known subtypes of influenza A virus, the FI6 represents an important treatment option and are eager to take you to the next stage of development. "

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