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MS creates working group to discuss payment for medical

Goal is to find instruments that raise the quality of service delivery professionals and health facilities

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The commission set up to develop a remuneration policy of the physicians who work in the Unified Health System (SUS) made the first working meeting this week in search of tools that increase the quality of service provision and also care SUS services with emphasis on medium and high complexity (MAC) paid by the SUS.

For this, we created a Working Group (WG) at the beginning of last month. The initiative includes the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Health of the SAS and the three national medical organizations and hospitals, who will discuss the question of remuneration of professionals, especially when their format.

At this first meeting of the Working Group was established that the main claim of medical organizations and hospital refers to the seventh revision of the old Code - which deals with the form of transfer payment of independent medical professionals - the table structure of Medium and High Complexity and the interaction and coordination with the ongoing negotiation table SUS.

Secretary for Health Care Ministry of Health, Magellan Helvécio this Working Group (WG) has a task to discuss and seek an alternative that increases the quality of care and system management, and conduct studies and a remuneration policy medical professionals, adapting these processes to the new national health policy, which emphasizes access and quality, through networks of health care.

With permanent agenda, GT, coordinated by the Department of Regulation, Evaluation and Control Systems (DRAC), regular meetings will have 120 days to submit proposals.

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