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Health workers claim two floors national minimum wage

Special commission examines the subject, as a project that defines remuneration Moving in the House of Representatives since 2009

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Foto: Divulgação/Agência Câmara
Deputado Domingos Dutra (PT-MA), relator da comissão especial sobre piso dos agentes de saúde
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Deputado Domingos Dutra (PT-MA), relator da comissão especial sobre piso dos agentes de saúde

Community health workers and fighting endemic throughout the country were on Tuesday (5) in Congress calling for the approval of several bills that pass in the House and dealing with the regulation of the profession and the salary of the workforce. The bill defines the floor of the health providers Moving in the House since 2009. A special commission was created to examine the matter but, for lack of agreement, the matter was never voted on.

The category is the claim that the floor is set at two minimum wages, about $ 1mil. 1.4 The government has proposed minimum wage and claims that 0.6% more than the group asks generate an impact of $ 1.7 billion a year in the budget.

The National Confederation of Community Health Agents (Conacs) offers as a solution to the problem in scheduling adjustment. Officers would receive 1.4 minimum wage from the approval of the project with the readjustment of 0.2% minimum annual salary during the next three years to get the difference required by the category.

The government can not advance at trial that this category is impatient. We have been too many patients. What else we have done since 2009 is dialogue. The government must understand that we have unity and not give up the fight for minimum wage, said the legal advisor Conacs, Eliane Almeida.

The president of Conacs, Ruth Bright, even suggested the group to leave in wake of the Ministry of Health to be received by the Minister Alexandre Padilha. However, the special rapporteur of the committee in the House, Mr Domingos Dutra (PT-MA) said that the idea

is to meet with Padilla as soon as possible to talk about it. The proposed schedule is feasible, he said. This category has importance for the country in job creation and income generation and poverty reduction, he added.

According to the National Confederation of Municipalities, Brazil currently has 298 000 health workers. The entity requesting the approval of Amendment 29, which deals with transfer of more resources for health. In three years the amendment is still awaiting vote in the House, health has lost $ 66 billion, said the technical coordinator of the Health of the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), Denilson Magellan.

The regulation of Amendment 29 be voted in the House. The deadlock in the vote due to an emphasis on the project, which deals with the definition of the calculation basis of social contribution for Health (CSS). The contribution will be permanent and will work along the same lines of the defunct Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions (CPMF). Its resources will be used exclusively for Health

Last week, the House Speaker Marco Maia (PT-RS), said he will try to put the vote on Amendment 29 this week.

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