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Tinnitus Cure Without A Problem?

Tanit Ganz Sanchez, considered a leading expert on tinnitus in Brazil

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Aug. 9, the United Nations released its first World Report on Disability. More than 1 billion people are living with a disability and about 20% of them suffer from discrimination.

Many defects are known by most people as paraplegia, quadriplegia, Down syndrome, autism, blindness, deafness etc..

Functioning of the Brain

But several types of disability are almost silent and unknown to the general public. The ringing or tinnitus, for example, is one of them.

Analysts say one reason for this lack of knowledge would be the anatomy of these symptoms or diseases.

They are not seen, but they're there, torturing and causing agony to their patients. According to the American Tinnitus Association, ATA, tinnitus, for example, affects about 350 million people worldwide.

Boiling Kettle

The number equals the size of the U.S. population and almost twice the population.

Tinnitus is considered a symptom. The patient has to live with horrible noises in the ear, not seldom rise to the head. Who says you have tinnitus hear a wide variety of noises: the sound of kettle boiling, train passing at high speed, insects devouring wood knives or sharp objects piercing-being rubbed against surfaces, poorly tuned radio station, the descriptions are comprehensive .


As the bodies are different, the feelings and descriptions also vary. But the feeling of impotence, anger and impatience is almost common to all. Experts say that while most people who suffer from tinnitus, can live with it, a small group of 2% would have the symptom at very aggressive.

Early on, almost all people who are diagnosed with tinnitus complain of sleep loss and a tremendous blow on their quality of life. Many of them come to the ENT as a first step, but the search for medical help often extends to other specialists such as neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, depending on the patient's reaction.

German Army

The scientific community has been working incansalvemente to find a cure or even a treatment. Since, so far, did not create a drug proven effective and specific to tinnitus.

Some laboratories have researched specific drugs with the help of patients who are placed at the disposal for testing.

Researchers in several countries including India, Germany, United States, Brazil and others have been involved in the search for a cure. In Germany, otolaryngologists and neurologists are developing the German army at Ulm, in southern Afghanistan, an experimental treatment based on a vaccine applied in the cochlea (a structure of the auditory system that contains the nerve endings). But the injection can be given up to three months after diagnosis, and often the patient gets the information too late. Another attempt at treatment is retraining therapy, known as TRT (the acronym in English), tinnitus retraining therapy.


A major problem with the German Army and other armies, like the U.S., is the growing number of soldiers who are returning from war zones with tinnitus because of the noise of the explosions, and other injuries.

To many experts, the tinnitus has no cure. Because there's no scientific proof to the contrary, most patients tend to agree with the statement. However, other doctors believe that some forms of tinnitus can be cured with proper treatment that includes changes in diet, avoiding foods (and drugs) that may worsen tinnitus.

The causes and factors of tinnitus? Hearing loss, trauma and injuries caused by loud sounds and noises, stress, injury to the neck and head. It is not uncommon to hear of patients who started the buzz after loud music concerts. Musicians and sound operators who work in studios or related activities are also at risk.

Set Film

The Canadian actor, William Shatner, for example, became one of the lawyers in the cause for a cure for tinnitus after being diagnosed with the disease on the set of Star Trek movie.

In video testimony he gave to the American Tinnitus Association, ATA, Shatner said he was very close to the speaker to reproduce the effects of the explosion of one of the episodes of the series when first noticed the tinnitus.

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