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DNA tests will help detect and prevent gum disease

Test to check the effectiveness of the method must begin within one year and will collect genetic information from 4,000 participants

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Researchers at the School of Dentistry, University of Michigan, United States, are developing a new approach that uses DNA to detect and predict the risk of periodontal disease.

Research is expected to happen over the course of a year and will collect genetic information of about 4,000 participants. If positive results emerge from the test, it may be very important for preventive care in the fight against serious complications of oral health.

According to the researchers, the early diagnosis of gum disease may go far beyond improving the oral health of a person.

"Gum disease can be extremely serious if not treated and may be the cause of many health problems outside the mouth. Diabetes, heart problems, strokes and premature births are associated with periodontal disease, so any research on the prevention of disease is very welcome, said researcher Dr Nigel Carter, the British Dental Health Foundation, which sponsors the study.

"Equally important is the need for people to adopt a routine of good oral health. Our National Smile Month campaign is our annual reminder to everyone about the need to care for teeth. Prevention remains the best way to keep all your teeth throughout life. "

The first genetic test results will be combined with even the two main factors of diabetes and smoking.

Researchers will also examine the survival rates of teeth according to the type of dental treatment plans people have.

All these results will provide researchers with valuable data sufficient to see how they relate.


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