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Doctors can pay Fies work with municipalities in extreme poverty

Criteria for definition of priority areas and medical specialties for the benefit was established by decree

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The Ministry of Health took a step forward for physicians trained through the Student Funding (Fies) to repay the amount due in less than ten years without any payment, but filling the needs of the Unified Health System Physicians who enroll in Family Health teams in priority regions, after a year's work will have 1% per month for debt relief in Fies. That is, if they wish, after a year plus 100 months composing the FHS staff in these municipalities, physicians quitarão its debt with the Fies, including interest - the total amounts to less than ten years.

The Order 1377, published on Tuesday (14), both published criteria to define medical specialties priority to public as the cities with greater difficulty to secure such professionals in the Family Health Program. Among them, the setting for a percentage of resident population in extreme poverty in the region. The ordinance is a result of Law No. 12202 of January 14, 2010, ensures that the benefit from regulation of the ministry.

Professionals who used the Fies and opt for a medical residency in the specialties listed as priorities for the NHS will extend the grace period of funding throughout the period of residency.

The criteria that define the municipalities are: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of population without health insurance coverage, percentage of population living in rural areas, percentage of population in extreme poverty, percentage of population receiving the Bolsa Familia Program; percentage hours worked by doctors for primary care thousand inhabitants; percentage of beds per thousand inhabitants and an indicator of turnover.

For proprietary priority to public health, the criteria will be observed the following: specialty defined as a prerequisite for accreditation of services, particularly in high complexity specialties required for a region (the second demand of the evolution of socio- epidemiology of population); expertise required to implement the strategic policies for the NHS and specialties considered scarce or hard of hiring.


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