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Municipalities with low HDI receive mobile dental units

Investment is $ 1.54 million and is forecast to 109 other units will be delivered by the end of the year

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Ten Dental Units Furniture (UOM) were delivered by the Ministry of Health to municipalities of Bahia, on the last Friday (03). Cities benefit from belonging to the Territories of Citizenship - places with low Human Development Index (HDI) and lower economic dynamism. Each municipality receives a vehicle equipped with complete dental office. The investment in buying the UOM is $ 1.54 million. The action will expand the program Smiling Brazil in Bahia, where more than 245,700 people will be met by oral health teams (ESB) that will operate on UOM. It is expected that 109 other UOM will be delivered by the end of the year.

The action is part of the strengthening of care in oral health and expands access to dental treatment to people located in isolated rural areas and with large geographic extent. Each of the municipalities will benefit from additional resources of $ 56,000 per year (£ 4,680 per month), the federal government for maintenance and expenses for each unit, plus a lump sum of R $ 3.5 thousand for the purchase of consumables such as forceps, and curettes mirrors / spatulas.

The Ministry of Health bought 51 units Dental Furniture, which are being removed by the 51 counties benefited from early 2011. For the acquisition of each UOM equipped, the Ministry of Health invested $ 154,190. The annual Ministry of Health to fund the mobile units will total R $ 2.8 million. The total investment in the purchase of vehicles and equipment was R $ 7.8 million.

The 51 municipalities of the Territories of Citizenship awarded the Mobile Dental Units are located in 15 states. The Ministry of Health - in conjunction with the Ministry of Agrarian Development - defined as selection criteria for municipalities with priority demands for increasing access to oral health in primary care and the time of deployment of the Family Health Teams, and the size and population density of these.


With capacity to serve an average of 350 people per month, each unit is composed of Mobile Dental chair dental kit, tips, chair, spotlight, amalgamator, curing light, dental X-rays and autoclave.

The units also have air-conditioning, sink for washing hands, water tanks, cabinets and coupled to a vehicle, a sort of body for carrying the generator that provides power to the mobile.

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