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Doctors demand that McDonald's stop producing junk food to children

In an open letter, also mandate that institutions using the company retire mascot Ronald McDonald's

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More than 550 institutions and health professionals in the United States participate in a campaign to ban the fast food chain McDonald's to sell products for children and to use the clown Ronald McDonald's promotion of these products.

The open letter was published on the subject because of the concern of doctors and caregivers about the health of children in the future.

"Today, our offices, clinics and emergency rooms are filled with children suffering from diseases related to food they eat. These health problems are likely to affect them throughout their lives through the early onset of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, said Dr. Steven K. Rothschild. "Through this initiative, the public health community is gathering behind a simple message to the McDonald's stop making the future generation ill retire Ronald McDonald seo rest of your marketing fast food to children. "

The letter was signed by officials of the area as William C. Roberts, editor in chief of American Journal of Cardiology, Walter Willett, chairman of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and the doctor and clown Patch Adams.

"This initiative has had a considerable impact, especially among health professionals working in communities most affected and impacted by the marketing of McDonald's," said Esther Sciammarella, executive director of the Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition. "The children of these communities are not as healthy. Access to healthy food is limited. There is less nutrition education. But we have one more thing: the McDonald's fast food and its marketing. It is time for that change."

Although McDonald's and its competitors have recognized the harmful role of the market in the crisis of public health today, pledging to reduce it voluntarily, a recent study by Yale-Rudd Center concluded that children's exposure to the marketing of fast food has increased, especially with the McDonald's ads. In 2009, young children were exposed to up to 25% more ads for fast food industry than they were in 2007.

The clown Ronald McDonald - who with his shoes and red hair adorns the entrances to the restaurants of the network - has been used for decades as a corporate spokesman.

In a statement, McDonald's defended its mascot, their menus and their advertising policy. As the face of Ronald McDonald House Charities [in charge of the charitable activities of the group], Ronald is an ambassador in the service of good, which provides important messages to children about safety, literacy, and an active lifestyle and balanced. [...] We serve high quality food and our Happy Meal offer options and variety in portions suitable for children.

To access the letter here (

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