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Government will pass $ 3 million to the University Hospital of Brasilia

In the next second, the meeting will be held for the hospital board to submit its plan to implement the financial assistance

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University Hospital of Brasília (HUB)
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University Hospital of Brasília (HUB)

The Ministry of Education will release $ 3 million to meet the emergency needs of the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB). The unit was forced to close the surgical center at the end of last month, because there was enough material to keep the service. The supply was suspended for nonpayment. The announcement of the release of the funds was made by the director of University Hospitals of the Federal Ministry of Education, José Rubens Rebellato, after meeting with the vice-chancellor of UNB and temporary director of the institution, Joao Batista de Souza.

The MEC will help, yes, the HUB. We are authorized to meet all the needs of the hospital, said Rebellato. Professor John the Baptist found good responsiveness of the ministry: Let's work together, in tune with the policies recommended for the other university hospitals.

According Rebellato, next Monday (16) will be held another meeting so that the hospital board to submit an implementation plan for the financial assistance promised. The Ministry will monitor the allocation of funds and engage in the diagnosis of the problems faced in recent weeks. No use having the resources without knowing where they are applied, pondered Rebellato.

Only in 2011, the HUB has accumulated U.S. $ 2.9 million in debt. The monthly expenses are greater than the revenue coming from SUS. Even if the transfers to the university to make the hospital are insufficient to cover the deficit. Nearly half the resources from the National Health System are untilizados to pay for contract employees, including doctors, nurses and many physicians. Only the payroll reaches $ 1.2 mihai per month. The total debt of the HUB has surpassed $ 8 million.

Joao Batista de Souza took over temporarily the HUB last week, after the resignation of previous board and interrupting the work of the surgical center. Visited the main sectors of the hospital to talk to your professional and understand the real situation of the institution. Also, met with the directors and heads of centers, divisions and services and took steps to return the HUB to normal. The first was to resume operations.


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