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Workplace accidents kill more than two million people annually

About 337 million occupational accidents occur around the world accounting for 6,300 deaths per day

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International Labour Organization (ILO) warns that workplace accidents are the leading cause of death of 6,300 people a day worldwide. According to the UN agency, 2.3 million people worldwide die annually as a result of 337 million work accidents. On Thursday (28), World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the agency notes that it is crucial to the implementation of programs to help prevent accidents, illnesses and deaths.

In a report, the ILO advocates a step by step approach that can be implemented at national and enterprise. The document shows how the management of safety and health at work can be applied in areas of risk.

Public Hearing on the camera

In Brazil, to remember the date, the Committee on Labor, Public Service and Administration of the chamber held today (28) public hearing to discuss the situation of workers who are victims of occupational accidents and diseases. The debate was suggested by Mr Vicentinho (PT-SP), who also wants to discuss the procedures related to medical expertise of accident victims and the establishment of a national policy on occupational health.

The date was established by the ILO in 2003 and officially recognized by Brazil in 2005.

Vicentinho says that since then, the unions promote activities to expose poor working conditions and alternative solutions to reverse this situation.

The deputy recalled that, according to data from Social Security, 723 500 were registered occupational accidents in Brazil in 2009 which resulted in 2,496 deaths and 13,047 permanently disabled workers.

Apart from the appalling working conditions imposed by employers, the condition worsens before the historic humiliation that workers are suffering when they apply for their pension benefits from the INSS, says Vicentinho.

The deputy said that the Ministry of Social Welfare has taken steps for the humanization of skills, such as the right of the injured companion in the medical skills and recognition of the decisions of physicians. Vicentinho states, however, that the National Association of Experts argued against measures that benefit workers.

compensation for the public treasury for amounts paid to policyholders

Also for the third consecutive year, the National Social Security Institute (INSS), through the Federal Attorney General (PFG), held on Thursday the filing of dozens of collective regressive actions related accidents. Only on this day will be filed 163 actions in the FMP units across the country, with the expectation of compensation from $ 38 million. Regressive actions are brought against companies and seek to reimburse the treasury for amounts paid to policyholders because of accidents for non-compliance to the standards of health safety.


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