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Artificial pancreas promises to make a common complication of diabetes

Complication can lead to nocturnal unconscious state, lead to brain damage and coma, and sometimes can be fatal

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Researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, have for the first time, demonstrate the potential of an "artificial pancreas for prevention of nocturnal hypoglycemia in adults with type 1 diabetes.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood glucose level drops too. If untreated, the person may become unconscious after experiencing warning signs as the body tries to increase the level of blood glucose. These signs often include sweating, tremors, tingling of the lips, racing heart and irritability. In extreme cases, hypoglycemia can lead to brain damage and coma, and can sometimes be fatal.

The "artificial pancreas, or insulin delivery system automatically manages the diabetes of a person. Your device regulates the levels of blood glucose by releasing insulin when prompted to high levels of glucose and insulin while retaining the levels are low. Currently people with type 1 diabetes must inject insulin several times a day or use an insulin pump that releases the hormone through a tube inserted under the skin.

The researchers, led by Roman Hovorka, conducted two studies to evaluate the performance of the artificial pancreas in 10 men and 14 women between 18 and 65 who had used an insulin pump for at least three months.

The first study monitored 12 people overnight after consuming a meal of medium size (60 g carbohydrate) for 19 hours. In the second study, another 12 participants were monitored during the night after consuming a large meal (100 g carbohydrate), followed by alcohol at 20h and 30 min.

Studies have shown an improvement of 22% in the time during which participants maintained their blood glucose levels in a safe range, halving the time spent with low blood glucose and reducing the risk of complications in the short and long term.

"Hypoglycemia remains a major challenge, especially at night, so it's encouraging to see such promising results of our study on the use of commercially available devices, there Hovorka." The study is a stepping stone to test the artificial pancreas in the home and suggests the artificial pancreas may be appropriate for adults and children and adolescents. "

Despite promising results, researchers say it is necessary to evaluate the extent of this study testing a larger number of people and then test the method at home.


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