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MPF seeks to bring mouthwash packaging warning about cancer risk

Several scientific studies indicate the presence of alcohol in the mouthwash formula as a risk factor for oral cancer

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The Federal Public Ministry filed a civil action in Guarulhos public with a request for an injunction, so that justice requires the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to immediately require manufacturers of mouthwashes with alcohol in its formula to report on their labels and packaging Some studies suggest that health risks, including cancer of the mouth, caused by everyday use and indiscriminate use of the product.

A scientific review conducted by the Australian Dental College, which compiled studies from various countries, found a link between frequent use of mouthwash with alcohol and a greater chance of developing oral cancer.

Study in Brazil, propagated by the Journal of Public Health, University of São Paulo (USP) in 2008, also showed that regular use of mouthwash with alcohol were among the factors associated with oral cancer, independently of smoking and alcohol consumption . Another worrisome is the increase of 2277% between 1992 and 2007, the use of such products in Brazil. The survey was also conducted by the USP, based on data of the Brazilian Association of Toiletries, Perfumes and Cosmetics.

According to the researchers, alcohol is not the cause of cancer per se, but an enzyme in the human body turns into acetaldehyde, which has the ability to modify cells in the mouth and cause tumors. Another problem with daily use of mouthwash alcohol is that it does not allow sufficient time for damaged cells in the oral mucosa to regenerate.

To investigate this information and the risk to the health of the population, the MPF in Guarulhos initiated a public civil inquiry, which reported to Anvisa on the studies and asked what steps the agency intended to take to protect the consumers, considering the uncertainties of adverse effects that mouthwash with alcohol might cause to health.

In response, the regulatory agency merely pointed out, seem superficial in that the literature surveyed so far have not provided sufficient data to establish the use of alcohol rinses and the occurrence of oral cancer. Asked again, Anvisa concluded that there was no need to elaborate note on the subject.

For the prosecutor Matheus Baraldi Magnani, a plaintiff, the available studies show strong evidence of the continued use of mouthwash alcohol and cancer of the mouth and other diseases. It's not sustainable that Anvisa say there is no consistent evidence on the relationship of product use with alcohol and cancer, because the study itself which gave rise to investigations incorporate such information.

To Magnani, the position of Anvisa is at least negligent before the gravity of the facts. You set the situation of doubt, and the constitutional right to health requires the application of the precautionary principle of law that imposes an obligation on the authorities to act in the face of a threat of irreversible damage, even if the available scientific data do not confirm the risk altogether. He also claims that the legal principle of precaution requires no certainty that an injury to alert the public about the risks from use of any product, the Brazilian and foreign studies made the link between the use of mouthwashes and onset alcoholics of oral cancer, so the company should be warned about the possible risks of daily use and uninterrupted that type.


Source: MPF
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