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Steering committee will draw up plan for state action. Spending on projects to combat drugs in the state account for more than 5 million

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In Goiás, a survey of the Prosecutor of the State points to the existence of 50 000 users of crack. To date, 30 projects submitted by the Inter-institutional Steering Committee to Combat Crack and other drugs were approved, amounting to 5 million 192 thousand dollars in federal funds for the state. Wednesday (16), the Secretariat of Public Security has received the 7th meeting of the Steering Committee to Combat Inter-Crack and Other Drugs. It is planned for the next committee meeting for discussion and elaboration of the state action plan to combat drugs.

During the meeting, the executive superintendent of the State Secretariat of Health of Goiás (SES-GO), Antonio Girade Halim, emphasized the importance of the committee and said there are challenges to be faced in fighting drugs. Among them, Halim Girade stressed the need to perform a mapping of the drug users and qualified professionals who treat these addicts. We need to map these users to define where in Goias and how to act, he said.

As has happened, the body that hosts the meeting exposes participants to the actions that have been developing in the area. The major Vânia Maria Alencar Rodrigues presented the Program of Integral Attention to Health Military Police (PAISPM). The project exists since 1996 and works in prevention and treatment of police officers and their families. Approximately 740 members of the corporation have been enrolled in the program.

Then, the president of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Goiás (Cremego) and committee member, Solomon Rodrigues Filho, made a presentation with the theme: Crack, what to do?. According to the president, drugs are one of the most serious problems for the current government and Brazil is among the three countries where the situation is more worrying, according to a report of the United Nations (UN). Son Solomon defended the linkage and integration of efforts at the federal, state and municipal levels, since he said the actions are being developed separately. The doctor also stressed the importance of prevention work and said that the approaches to the drug should be adjusted to the severity of each case.

During the meeting, we presented the new members (and alternates) of the committee and also the new coordinator. From now on, the Interinstitutional Steering Committee to Combat Crack and Other Drugs will be coordinating the superintendent Spais, Mabel del Socorro Cala de Rodríguez. She said the next meetings, the committee members are divided into groups with the aim of discussing and establishing the state action plan to combat drugs. A calendar with monthly meetings in the year 2011 should also be given.

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