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Council maintains more control of prescription diet pills

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The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) argues that the National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance Agency (Anvisa) acts more strongly in control of the sale of appetite suppressants, and desist from removing the drug from the market. The Agency has this Wednesday (23), in Brasilia, the public hearing to discuss the proposal to ban the sale of appetite suppressants that act on the central nervous system, used to treat obesity.

According to a first secretary of the CFM, Desiré Carlos Callegari, the proposal strikes the autonomy of doctors, leaving them with no alternative treatment for the patient. For him, Anvisa has mechanisms to monitor excessive prescriptions of the drug and can take the Medical Council as allies. The Councils can determine if the physician is prescribing ethically and scientific, says Callegari.

The vice president of CFM, Carlos Vital, who praised the collective interest does not determine the disrespect for individual rights and guarantees. The autonomy of the medical and legal evaluative matrix is ​​in the Constitution, addressing the needs of health care consistent with the principle that each clinical case ends in themselves peculiarities or specific treatment, evaluates Vital.

For Vital, it is for the development of appropriate Anvisa control the distribution and use of these drugs, without altering the individual and collective interests. According to doctors, there are guidelines for the prescription of substances that are produced by CFM and Brazilian Medical Association (AMA) and distributed in conjunction with the National Health Agency (ANS). Brazilian doctors, representatives of the best scientific expressions in the area of ​​Endocrinology and Metabolism, claim to be essential in specific situations and have well characterized the therapeutic arsenal of these medications for the treatment of obesity.

There are also criteria for both treatment and for their effectiveness. The first approach is followed the diet with exercise. If no result, the medication can be an alternative. The treatment often offers no more risk than the drug's side effects, because obesity can cause disease difficult to control, alert Callegari. The organization also warns that the ban could aggravate both problems: the increase in obesity and the parallel trade of drugs.

Source: CFM
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