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Disorder of Michael Jackson hits 15% of dermatology patients

According to specialist SBD-SP, preoccupation with defects in the body, which may or may not exist, can lead to self-harm in the quest for aesthetic perfection

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Singer Michael Jackson after series of surgeries on the face
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Singer Michael Jackson after series of surgeries on the face

The death of Michael Jackson raised an issue that excites everyone, which led to the pop star want to become physically? According to the dermatologist and advisor of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology - Regional São Paulo (SP-SBD), Luciana Conrad is very likely that Jackson was suffering from a personality disorder called body dysmorphic disorder, better known as dysmorphophobia, characterized by excessive preoccupation with minimal or no defects on the face and body. These concerns cause interference to the patients' life (social life, work, family). According to a study conducted by a doctor, this disorder is relatively common in the general population (around 2%) and the prevalence in patients with dermatological and plastic surgery, from 7 to 15%.

The disorder involves a distorted perception of body image. Thus, a minimum defect, is perceived as something huge. In the case of Michael Jackson, for example, he seemed to have a clear obsession with changing her features, like nose, chin, eyebrows and hair and maybe become white, although it can not be ruled out disclosed that he suffered from vitiligo .

To develop his thesis, defended at the Faculty of Medicine, USP, Luciana Conrad followed 350 people and found that about 10% had the disorder. Of these, 60% had undergone a cosmetic treatment. Most were dissatisfied with the outcome. "These patients often seek the same doctor or go through different professionals, known in America as" doctor shopping ", undergoing various procedures. They are always dissatisfied with the results even if the doctor's point of view, the result is considered successful. "

She states that physicians should be alert for such cases. "It's important to understand that this disorder is considered a secret disorder because patients have difficulty talking about their grievances with health professionals and feel ashamed and fearful that their claims be interpreted as vanity."

"There is a strong psychological component acting in the pursuit of improving the image, especially considering the consumption needs created by the beauty industry and the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Also is a fine line that separates the use of cosmiatry / aesthetics to promote health and wellness, and use this knowledge in favor of unbridled pursuit without limits and outside the realm of supposedly aesthetic perfection. It is for the dermatologist to be able to identify these limits and use common sense counseling of these patients. "

According to dermatologists, most patients present impairment in interpersonal relationships and professional. "As a result of her complaints obsessed with appearance, patients may develop compulsive behaviors in more severe cases there is risk of suicide. In addition, often seek cosmetic treatment for a psychiatric disorder," says the doctor.

For the doctor, is considered a high prevalence of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in dermatological patients which shows the importance of professional training for the systematic investigation, diagnosis and referral for psychiatric treatment.

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