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Deputies argue appreciation of health workers to combat dengue

Rapporteur will propose that the Executive submit new project which will address the suggestions made in the House

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Data from the last mapping of the Ministry of Health show that increased from 10 to 16 the number of Brazilian states with high risk of being affected by epidemics of dengue - the areas are concentrated in the North and Northeast, and part of the Southeast. As part of the strategy for prevention of illness and patient care, the Board reviews the PL 7495/06, which restructures the career of community health workers and agents to combat endemic diseases.

A special commission created temporary Commission to examine and advise on projects involving jurisdiction in more than three committees of merit. Instead of the thematic committees transact, the project is reviewed only by the special committee. If approved on the committee, goes to the Senate for the plenary or presidential approval, depending on the course of the project. is reviewing the proposal and nine other apensadasTramitação together. When a proposal is similar to one that is already being processed, the Bureau of the Board determines that the latest is appended to the oldest. If a project has already been approved by the Senate, this tops the list taking priority. The Rapporteur gives a single opinion, but you need to rule over all. When approving a project more than appended, the rapporteur makes a text replacement of the original project. The reporter may also recommend approval of a project appended and the rejection of others., Which focuses on regulating the minimum wage and creating a career plan for the category. The rapporteur, Mrs Fátima Bezerra (PT-RN), states that the projects have been widely discussed in committee, but approval was hampered by the fact establish new spending to the Union

We intend to take the results of discussions in the House to the attention of the Minister Alexandre Padilha (Health) to work in an executive from the new text that covers all these suggestions, he says. Until last year, the Ministry of Health advocated the creation of a career plan for all health workers and not a plan for each category.

The MP highlighted the role that these professionals not only help in controlling dengue and other diseases, but also in the process of dissemination of lifestyle healthier. It is these professionals who go to the poorest communities to bring information to guide on basic care to health and to follow up patients, she says.

wage floor

The discussion around the career of health workers resurfaced in February last year with the enactment of Constitutional Amendment (EC) 63/10, which assured the class, hitherto governed by the Consolidation of Labour Laws (CLT - Decree Law 5452/43), the right to integrate the special legal regime of civil servants. The amendment also determined that the base salary, career plans and professional regulations would be established by federal law.

"This House unanimously approved the salary of community health workers and agents to combat endemic diseases. What are we going to do now is to regulate the floor," said Fatima Bezerra, who suggests in his report a floor of two minimum wages (R $ 1,020 currently) fixed by the INPC and a term of one year of full implementation.

Member of the Parliamentary Front for the Support of Community Health Agents and Agents for Combating Endemic Diseases, Rep. Valtenir Pereira (PSB-MT) is conducive to strengthening the careers of health workers as a way to contribute to dengue control. Even by indirection, that professionals end up being key to combating and prevention of dengue and other diseases, since it is they who guide, particularly the most disadvantaged in relation to diet, how to prevent diseases and other care health, he said.

The deputy recalled that although the Union has to pass to the municipal equivalent to 1.4 of the minimum wage per agent, the vast majority of staff still receives an average of $ 400 and is still engaged in a precarious way. The regulation of career would guarantee not only a decent floor, but also the certainty that the transfers would be used by mayors with this specific purpose, "said Pereira.

Coordinated action

Rapporteur of the same subject matter on the Committee on Finance and Taxation, Mr Pepe Vargas (PT-RS) believes it is an exaggeration to believe that only the professional development of agents to combat endemic solves the problem of dengue in Brazil. He notes, however, that the role played by these professionals in combating endemic diseases in general, not only to dengue, is crucial.

To address effectively the issue of dengue is a need to coordinate action of three levels of government (municipal, state and federal) and also the involvement of the population, said Vargas. However, a career agents to combat endemic diseases and structured, even to do justice to the work of professionals helps a lot, he said.

Full proposal: PL-7495/2006

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