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Offices of streets will assist addicts AL

The city of Miami has a population injects drugs on the streets characterized by extreme vulnerability

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Macedonia was recognized with four offices of the street to serve the users of crack cocaine, alcohol, other drugs, as provided in Presidential Decree 7179 of 20 May 2010, which created the Comprehensive Plan to Combat Crack and Other Drugs.

The action came after the Ministry of Health was fired by the National Drug Policy of the Presidency. This is because the municipality has a population of Maceió drug user and homeless characterized by extreme vulnerability. To get an idea, report of the mental health of MS points which in 2010 were found in Alagoas 39 murders of people living on the streets, with only 23 in Maceio.

Through them, visits will be conducted in public squares, avenues and places where users in a situation of vulnerability, a multidisciplinary team will conduct an approach, collection of blood for tests, counseling and systematic monitoring.

For this, we sent $ 600 thousand for the Health Department from Macedonia, which will allocate £ 150,000 to create each of the four offices of the street cleared by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

According to area manager of Mental Health, Ministry of Health (Sesau), Berto Gonçalo, the funds will be used to hire nurses, technicians, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and support staff, professional training and infrastructure to perform the service to users.

The report noted that out of 23 homeless people killed in the capital of Alagoas, 21 were using chemicals. Most worrisome is that Macedonia appears as the Brazilian capital where most teenagers kill themselves, which mobilized the Brazilian Center for Human Rights and Mental Health, which triggered the Ministry of Health and the National Secretariat for Human Rights, said Gonçalo Berto.

Also according to the manager of Mental Health Sesau, drug addicts living on the streets or those who are homeless may have fixed individualized therapeutic care.


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