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Children are more active when doing exercise with friends

Youth who engage in these activities along with a friend are more active and more prone to exercising when older

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Boys and girls who do physical activity with your best friend are more active concludes research from the University of Bristol, UK.

How many children do not practice enough physical activity, the findings may contribute to the development of health policy today.

The study examined the extent to which the modeling of physical activity and physical activity actions with the best of friends are associated in children 10 to 11 years old.

Data were collected from 986 children, of whom 472 physically inactive, and the data's best friend. Participants identified their "best friend" within the school and answered how often they participated in physical activities together and the friend had encouraged to be active.

Physical activity was assessed using the accelerometer for all children and friends. The regression models were conducted separately for boys and girls and used to examine associations between the child and physical activity with their best friend.

Dr Russ Jago, the Center for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, said that "many young people who do not comply with current UK guidelines related to physical activity there is a need to identify new ways to make children more physically active."

"Our results show that support for physical activity among groups of friends encourage kids to become more active and, especially outside of school, can bring important changes to children's physical activity."

The survey found that boys who are best friends who are physically active are involved in a greater amount of physical activity. Girls who participate frequently in active play with your best friend reach higher levels of physical activity than those who do so less often.

"This research demonstrates the power of friend - just working out with a best friend or have a friend who is a good type of exercise to increase the chance of the child to keep fit and active. We know that children who exercise during childhood are more likely to continue these good habits when they grow - by reducing the risk of heart and circulatory diseases, "said Natasha Stewart, cardiac nurse at the BHF.


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