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Hospital das Clinicas, UFPE performs surgery on an unprecedented complex

Partnership with NGO allowed the first surgery of pulmonary and tricuspid atresia in a newborn

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The partnership between the Hospital das Clinicas (HC), UFPE, with the NGO circle Heart of Pernambuco (CCP), signed two months ago, proves that it's working. For the first time, HC was made in the surgery of tricuspid atresia and pulmonary rare disease characterized by lack of openness of the heart valves of the right side of the heart by preventing blood from flowing to the lungs.

The procedure was done a month ago, the newborn Kauany Victoria. Although several events have occurred as a second emergency surgery, two cardiac arrests and infectious context, the patient is released today (30) and his mother, Jheneffe Esthefanya, 21, a relieved. It was all very difficult but nothing that trust in God does not work, he emphasized. Jheneffe, who resides in Patos, Paraiba, was the first patient to be enrolled in the Clinic of Cardiology Fetal HC, deployed by the CCP, in early October.

The first intervention consisted of placing a tube to increase the amount of blood to the lungs and was performed by the surgical team and medical personnel of the Circle of HC. The medical director and the CCP, Sandra Matos, explains that the first intervention is palliative. The correction will be performed when the child reaches two years of age to connect the right side of the heart to the vessels of the lung and remove the tube. Ideally, the first surgery occurs between the second and fourth days following birth and the detection of the disease occur around the sixth month of pregnancy, explains Matthews.

Outpatient - A partnership with the NGO, HC lasts five years and allowed the expansion of the activities of the Ambulatory Pediatric Cardiology Clinic and the deployment of Fetal Cardiology. The services began operating in early October with the support of five doctors Cardiopediatric Circle. Services are on the 2nd floor of the hospital on Monday afternoon.

The idea of entity is to provide pregnant women enrolled in the HC clinical care and laboratory tests and electrocardiogram and echocardiogram. Among the pathologies treated in the unit are congenital and acquired cardiac arrhythmias, and clinical investigations of various diseases.

Source: UFPE
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