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Common technique in pregnancy helps specialists in sports medicine

The ultrasound allows a more effective diagnosis and treatment of lesions directed guarantee the ULE

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Experts in sports medicine at Drexel University, United States, using ultrasound - technology common in monitoring babies in the womb to diagnose injuries to tendons and ligaments of the knees, shoulders, wrists and other areas injured during physical activity.

Eugene Hong, chief of the Division of Sports Medicine at Drexel, along with his team of doctors specially trained in sports medicine in ultrasound found the alternative to effective diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

"When a patient arrives with a knee injury, for example, we see movement in real time and within minutes you can see the bruises or internal excess liquid," explains Hong. "If you needed an injection to reduce swelling and treat pain, we can identify the target area through the monitor. This is to the local treatment."

Ultrasound in sports medicine is based on high frequency sound waves that are transmitted through the skin covering the areas of interest such as the wrist, shoulder or knee. The higher frequency of sound waves provides more detailed images.

Tendons, muscles, ligaments and related joint damage may be difficult to evaluate by X-ray, CT scan or MRI. Among the advantages of ultrasound is the fact that she does not use ionizing radiation and therefore can be repeated throughout the course of treatment without concern for the total amount of radiation administered to patients.

Besides helping to diagnose injuries, ultrasound also can help treat them. Imaging technology is used as part of the latest trend in sports injury treatment, known as platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy. The PRP is one of three ingredients produced by the blood, the other two are the red and white. When injected in a concentrated dose of the injured area, the PRP acts as the body's own medicine to accelerate the healing process.

"Many active lesions in our patients can be treated with PRP instead of surgery," says Bradley J. Sandella, assistant professor, Division of Sports Medicine.

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