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Identified proteins secreted by cell lines of thyroid cancer

The Canadian researchers used proteomics technologies to identify biomarkers for cancer treatment

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Researchers at the Mount Hospital and University of Toronto, Canada, have used proteomic technologies to identify proteins secreted by cell lines of thyroid cancer. The goal is to characterize potential biomarkers for future management of thyroid carcinomas.

The study, published in the Journal of Proteome Research, researchers showed biomarkers with potential to help oncologists determine the aggressiveness of the cancer and plan appropriate treatment for each patient.

Thyroid cancer represents 90% of all endocrine malignancies with an estimated annual incidence of more than 122 000 cases worldwide and about 33,000 new cases diagnosed in North America.

"We know that about 10 to 15% of thyroid cancers are aggressive. Our hope is that this research after a diagnostic test can be developed, allowing us to identify aggressive forms of cancer early, so that we can create treatment plans to improve outcomes for patients, "said endocrinologist Dr. Paul Walfish, Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Walfish and his team have used mass spectrometry to liquid chromatography to identify proteins secreted by cell lines and aggressive non-aggressive thyroid cancer.

Among most of the 46 high confidence secretory proteins identified, 31 have not been reported in thyroid cancer, demonstrating the ability to analyze the secretome biomarker to identify potential candidates for correlation with the clinical management of breast cancer.

"Six proteins secreted by cells of thyroid cancer can be independently verified in cell lines," said Dr. Ranju Ralhan, Mount Sinai Hospital. "This strengthens its potential as candidate biomarkers for thyroid cancer. Clinical trials have yet to be done to validate our research, but we are very hopeful that this will lead to a diagnostic test."

"To our knowledge, this study is the first report on the identification of biotinidase and nucleolin in thyroid cancer," said Walfish. "In addition, further studies showed a protein called PTMA, a heterochromatin protein remodeling, significantly higher in well differentiated thyroid carcinomas compared with adenomas and non-toxic goiters.

A large scale analysis of these proteins in sera of patients with thyroid cancer and characterization of its expression in cancer tissue may serve as the next step to assess their suitability as markers of cancer.

A summary of the study entitled Secretome Based Identification and characterization of potential biomarkers in thyroid cancer can be found here.


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