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Mixture of amino acids increases lifespan in mice

Researchers said the BCAA mixture can also be used to improve human conditions in middle-aged

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Research by scientists at the University of Milan, Italy, found that a mixture of three amino acids, tested in mice, increased life expectancy of middle-aged animals.

One group of mice received water supplemented with a mixture of amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. The results presented by this group was compared with the control group that received only water.

"It's the first time demonstrated that a mixture of amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine - can, in mammals, in this case, mice, increasing survival," said Professor Enzo Nisoli, Department of Pharmacology Toxicology University.

Previous work had shown the power of three amino acids in question to extend the life of the unicellular yeast, but this study examined the effectiveness of amino acids in complex organisms like humans.

The diet supplemented with BCAA administered to the group of rats had more positive effects on energy production in the defense against free radicals.

The researchers found that consumption of this mixture of amino acids, which promotes the expression of eNOS protein, and the consequent production of nitric oxide produces an increase in the mitochondria of the cell responsible for breathing - in skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle.

The rats supplemented with amino acids BCAA also showed increased activity of SIRT1, longevity gene, and genes of the defense system to fight free radicals. The animals showed greater resistance to physical effort and better coordination.

"These supplements could be a useful strategy in recent years from people. However, its efficacy is rather superfluous among young people already in good physical condition," explained Nisoli.

The researchers suggest that the amino acid supplementation of BCAAs may be useful for patients with heart failure, a condition of loss of muscle mass and sarcopenia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or other diseases of energy metabolism.

"This study, concluded the professor, represents an important milestone in the nutritional approach for diseases associated with aging and the problems of energy shortage. It is clear that the real challenge will be to convince doctors that these supplements may be helpful to their patients. It would be necessary, therefore, a large clinical trial in humans, a commitment that can not be easy, given the reluctance of pharmaceutical companies to deal with nutritional approaches. "


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