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Students of city school help identify medicinal plants

Goal is to understand and discover the intensity and persistence of this culture in the lives of Residents of the South Zone of Manaus

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In the 21st century, when science is prominent, especially in the health field with the discovery of new technologies, the use of traditional medicine, made from medicinal plants, is still common in the Amazon.

Aiming to understand and discover the intensity and persistence of this culture in the life of the residents of St. Lazarus district, in the south of Manaus, the elementary school teacher, he teaches a course at the School of Sciences Antonácio Assumption Hall (former school St. Lazarus ) and Master of Biotechnology and Natural Resources State University of Amazonas (UEA), Marcelo Silva Lima school students to develop research Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants in the neighborhood of St. Lazarus.

Linked to the Science in School Program (ECP) of the Foundation for Research of the State of Amazonas (FAPEAM) and the Municipal Education (Semed), the study receives funding of around £ 4300 and want to find out if the residents the neighborhood still use medicinal plants to cure any illnesses. Let us address the frequency with which people use these plants and what kind of diseases they are used, the researcher said.

In addition to identifying the use and importance of plants in the lives of residents, the study also seeks to assess whether people make some sort of combination between the two forms of medicine - the pharmacological and medicinal plants and if this brings some kind of treatment effect for certain diseases.

We also want to know, through study, if these people use medicinal plants together with other drugs and, at some point, it has some results, Lee said.


At present, the study is at initial stage of survey questionnaires and adjustment, as explained by John Marcellus. During the visits, the researcher and his team collected samples of medicinal plants to enrich the students' knowledge. "Our idea is to mount a mini with herbarium collections made at the time of visits, which until now have been 15, so that students can learn more about these plants. We will also work with a comparison of the herbarium of the INPA (National Institute of Amazonian Research ), "he said.

Also according to the professor, the samples have already begun to be cataloged, and the mini-herbarium will be assembled at the school, being available to other students for use in science classes.

During the early stages of research, the teacher noted that many students were now more interested in the lessons. "It's a new thing for them. Discover new plants and meet the medical use of each one is a real learning experience for them. Moreover, there is the matter of the mixture of belief with medicine," said the professor to emphasize that the age students varies between 16 and 40 years of age. The deadline for the ethnobotanical study is to be completed by July 2011.

Science in School Program (ECP) is made from a partnership between FAPEAM and the secretaries of state and local education. He is to assist with funding and scholarships, institutional forms of assessments, students of elementary and secondary integrated into the development of research projects at public schools.


Source: FAPEAM
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