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Drip vodka eyes, new fad among teens may lead to blindness

Ministry of Health warns that alcohol is toxic to the membrane allt ocular; consequences may be permanent

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Foto: Divulgação/Youtube
Foto: Divulgação/Youtube
Jovem pratica A prática do
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Jovem pratica "eyeballing" e ingere vodca pelos olhos, correndo o risco de ficar cego
A prática do "eyeballing" virou moda nos EUA e consiste em ingerir vodca pelos olhos

The game of ping vodka in the eye, which appeared in the United States and England, has arrived to Brazil, became fashionable among boys and girls and worrying experts in health. In ballads, young people risk their own eye health with the false idea that the drink in her eyes will supposedly accelerate drunkenness.

The ophthalmologist Roberlo Bicharra, director general of the Federal Hospital da Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, says the action is dangerous and the risk of blindness is high. "They are risking arrest a serious eye injury. The vodka has a very high percentage of alcohol and alcohol is toxic to the ocular surface membrane.

The expert explained that the substance can cause deterioration and peeling of the cornea, facilitating infection. With healing, there is the formation of a white membrane that will prevent that vision ocorra.Então, can cause partial or complete loss of vision. "

There are already reports of people in Brazil who had serious damage to drip vodka vision in the eye. Roberlo Bicharra guides, if this type of situation occurs, that person immediately wash the area with plenty of filtered water and never rub the eye, because it may trigger increased scaling in the area of the cornea.

Jovem brinca de pingar vodca nos olhos. Segundo especialista, a prática pode causar cegueira

Already psychologist Suely Guimaraes says risk behaviors, such as drip vodka in the eye, are relatively common in adolescence. She stresses that parents should be alert to guide their children properly. "It's very important that parents be aware of everything that happens in the daily lives of children. They need to be able to offer support and guidance to help young people to experience the moment of adolescence ', advises psychologist.


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