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Medical Association of Minas Gerais debate on the Living Will

Document under discussion express the desire of terminally ill patient before a disease without cure possibility

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Doctors, lawyers and scholars of bioethics at the next meet Aug. 30 at the Medical Association of Ontario (AMMG) to discuss the creation of living wills. The document, also known as the "Declaration of intent prior to the terminal patient," expressed the wish of the patient before a disease with no known cure. During the meeting, a bioethicist and lawyer Luciana Dadalto Penalva will give free lecture on the topic.

Predicted in various countries around the world, the Living Will does not exist in Brazil. "In practice, this document provides guidelines for the health care team about how the patient wishes to receive care during their process of terminal, when it is impossible for a decision by himself," said the president of Sotamig, medical and Ana Paula thanatology Abranches Peixoto. The idea is to respect patient autonomy and allow it to have a dignified death.

With the document, the patient may report, for example, that in case of worsening of his health framework, do not want to be kept alive with the help of machines, or be subjected to invasive or painful. Or, again, who would rather die at home, along with their families rather than in a hospital ICU.

The Code of Medical Ethics, which came into force on 13 April this year, already provides that in cases of incurable and terminal illness the doctor should offer palliative care available, without taking unnecessary diagnostic or therapeutic actions or willful, and always taking into consideration the wishes expressed by patients or their legal representative. The Code also states that the doctor is not allowed to abbreviate the patient's life, even though the request. To the Federal Medical Council, the creation of the Living Will in Brazil to provide medical support and specific guidance. The event is sponsored by the Society of Thanatology of Minas Gerais (Sotamig) and has the support of AMMG.

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