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Health plans may suspend processing of the terminally ill

To reduce escalation in the plans, now in excess of inflation, the ABMG studying alternatives such as orthotanasia

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To reduce the escalation in health plans that currently are above inflation, the Brazilian Association of Medical Group declared itself in favor of discontinuation of treatment for the terminally ill.

According to the president of the Association of Medical Group, Arlindo de Almeida, discussions on the subject need to be broader. He added that he does not fear controversial ideas for reducing costs, such as charging deductibles, used in car insurance, and the suspension of treatment for terminally ill with no chance of cure, the call orthotanasia.

"We have to make a streamlining of costs in health care. Orthothanasia is possible to say, you do not apply methods that do not improve, they do not give quality of life. Anyway, it's a philosophical discussion and economic infrastructure", said Almeida.

Simultaneously, consumer protection agencies performed simulations and found that in the future may be impossible to pay health plans, if prices continue rising as the last ten years.

A consumer of 30 years who earns $ 3,000 now paid R $ 180.74 for a plan, and committed 6% of income. If inflation and the current adjustments are kept in 30 years he would spend nearly U.S. $ 6,100 to the plan and would compromise 54% of income.

According to the lawyer Idec, Daniela Trettel, "health plans are rising well above inflation. It is impossible to the consumer maintain their standard of living and pay plan."

Procon Idec and participate in discussions that the National Health Agency (ANS) is doing to change the calculations of readjustment, but they fear the future. "It is a consensus that the method of adjustment has to change, but there is still a lot of transparency in how changes are being conducted," says director of Procon, SP, Roberto Pfeiffer.

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