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Scientific discovery will revolutionize the skin hydration

Beauty products in tests designed to prolong the performance of aquaporins, protein structures that make the water transport

The cosmetics industry is one step closer to finding the chemical formula is able to combat premature aging of the skin and keep it moisturized with durability and efficiency. They are beauty products, on a trial aimed at extending the performance of aquaporins, protein structures that make the water transport between cells of various tissues, including skin.

According to dermatologist Flávia Addor, the human body will lose its ability to form the aquaporins as increasing age, weakening the body's organs and leaving the skin looking drier, encouraging evidence of wrinkles. There are new assets on a trial that promises to improve the hydration of the body, not only of the stratum corneum (skin surface) as well as intracellular. The innovation lies in the balance of the cells, bringing nutrients to the dermis and maintain moisture for much longer. Today, moisturizers do not work in cellular function, but attract and retain water on the surface of the skin, explains dermatologist.

Another benefit is pointed to by the medical discovery that may help treat diseases such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and the improvement of sunburn. Diseases such as these would have a more specific and efficient, since there is evidence of dysfunction or reduction of aquaporins in these diseases.

These new applied research began with the discovery of the physician and chemist Peter Agree, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for this work. The doctor noted in his research the existence of channels in the skin, formed by special proteins whose function is to carry and allow incoming and outgoing water in the cell membrane. These channels are called aquaporins and were considered essential to the functioning of the body because the skin has a 70% water.

In the opinion of the doctor, the study by Peter Agree elevated to a new level research for the prevention of skin aging. If we find the formula for perfect use, or increasing the capacity of aquaporin gene expression, we can keep them running for much longer, allowing the preservation of skin integrity and the application of a more immediate and accurate treatment of skin diseases that aggravated by the dryness of the skin, says dermatologist.

Importance of hydration

The skin has several functions, such as physical protection against external aggression, loss of body water, immune protection through its immune cells, regulating thermal sweating and vasodilatation and chemical protection through the sweat and sebaceous secretion. The doctor explains that when the skin is dry and dehydrated, these functions are compromised, so the skin becomes more prone to the emergence of diseases such as atopic dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis and nummular eczema.

Thus, for her dry skin should not be a concern only aesthetic. According to Flávia Addor, besides disease, dry skin can cause discomfort such as itching, and when compounded, can cause eczema. Eczema is characterized as an inflammation of the skin with redness. The skin may become scaly, sometimes with cracks or tiny bubbles, he said.

Source: SBD