Bahia Hospital creates line of care for service in mastology

The new type of service activity completed in two months and has conducted 128 consultations in 57 consultations and mastology return

Prado Valadares General Hospital implemented the Line of Care for Mama, one service at public SUS in Jequié (BA), with coverage microrregional. The line of care activity completed in two months and has conducted consultations mastology 128 / 1, 57-up visits, 12 fine needle aspiration biopsies, biopsies of five fragment (core biopsy), nine breast surgeries, 82 mammograms, located four compressions by mammography, magnification mammography and five withdrawals of points.

According to Jackie Guidoux this service is of paramount importance, since it aims to achieve early diagnosis in the initial phase of the most common cancer in women, which is breast cancer, allowing treatment increasingly conservative and efficient, which increases the survival of patients, "Moreover, we are making the prevention of breast cancer and treating benign pathologies, which was shortage in our city and our region."

Some cases have been diagnosed with breast cancer, four patients have been operated on, some of them are already in treatment, 128 women were evaluated by specialists, most with benign diseases, which until now was only possible in other locations. "Our patients have access to the examinations required for better evaluation, such as mammography and ultrasound, pathological anatomy exam, and x-rays, laboratory tests, among others," said the doctor.

The HGPV also has the home care service. "All this is only possible because we have a multidisciplinary team focused on our main goal, which is to provide quality care and humane for all patients," concluded Guidoux.