Final Contest Funk Dengue mobilized 20,000 people in Rio de Janeiro

The action took place in Belford Roxo is part of Agenda Antidengue Culture, Rio Against Dengue Campaign

Foto: Divulgação/SESDEC
The winners of Dengue Funk, held in Belford Roxo
The winners of Dengue Funk, held in Belford Roxo

About 20,000 people attended this Tuesday, May 18, Belford Roxo (RJ), the final contest of the Dengue Funk, Action Agenda Antidengue Culture, part of Rio Against Dengue Campaign Summer 2009/2010 launched by the State Department of Health and Civil Defense (Sesdec). During the first edition of Pagofunk, organized by the Hurricane in 2000, the eight finalists took the stage and had their songs performed by Mcs Leandro, David Bolado, Márcio G and More. In total, 607 were enrolled lyrics.

"Children, youth and adults participated in this competition no matter the only winner. All citizens leave as champions who now know and can prevent disease," Hamilton celebrated Garcia, Technical Environmental monitoring Sesdec.

The judging committee, comprising professionals from the Secretariat and the Hurricane 2000, chose the three best lyrics.

According to the placement, the authors will win a laptop, a stereo and an MP4. The ceremony will be held in the first half of this year, during an event organized by Sesdec. The announcement of those selected was made after a concert that was headlined by the Hurricane of 2000 Mcs, The Hawaiians, the samba group Crazy Passion and singer Gustavo Lins.

The Campaign Against Dengue River Summer 2009/2010 was launched by Sesdec in November 2009 and is developed with partners, aiming to reinforce the message that we must remain alert to risks of illness and combat the Aedes aegypti. As in the previous edition, are occurring cultural activities and sports.