Febrasgo assesses the relationship between contraception and sexuality in five states

Research commissioned by IBOPE reveals the effects of the pills on the Brazilian: self-esteem, increased libido

Ibope conducts survey of 500 women between 15 and 45 years of contraceptive methods
Ibope conducts survey of 500 women between 15 and 45 years of contraceptive methods

A survey commissioned by Ibope Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Febrasgo) with 500 women between 15 and 45, in five capital cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Porto Alegre), evaluated the relationship between the contraceptive more used by women and their sexuality. One of the major findings is that many women believe they have sex more frequently with the use of the pills and the drug would have an effect on female self-esteem.

Is there a relationship between oral contraceptives and female libido? Birth control pills may alter libido really? How the pill helps women's sexuality? A survey conducted by Ibope part of the project ROSE (Results and Comments on Health and Contraception), which seeks to draw on the knowledge of Brazilian and understand the pill as a contraceptive method affects their quality of life. The ROSA project has the support of Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals.

The project goal is to hear what women know and think about their contraceptive method, after all it is they who make the final decision on the pill. The doctor is based on scientific decisions, but it is the woman who has to say what is best for her, says gynecologist Nilson Roberto de Melo, president of FEBRASGO. The survey showed that 61% of women are inquiring about the pill from the doctor and 26% over the Internet. The theme of sexuality was chosen to initiate the project.

According to the survey, one in three girls believed that the use of the pill improves sexual satisfaction. Besides the freedom of contraception, the most modern pills have effects on self-esteem of women, improving skin, hair and overall appearance. This is critical for women to feel more satisfied with sex, says gynecologist Gerson Lopes, president of the National Sexology FEBRASGO.

Libido Pill X

The survey also assessed the relationship between the pill and libido in 11% of Brazilians believe that the pill increases sexual desire. The combinations of hormones in existing birth control pills affect a woman's libido, something which is unknown even by Brazilian women and is approached only by doctors when questioned by patients, says Gerson. This is because sexual desire is complex and involves other psychological issues, physical, cultural and social states.

Some types of contraceptives, whose action we call moderate anti-androgenic maintains testosterone hormone (also responsible for female libido) in the body balanced. This is extremely beneficial to not compromise the libido, says Lim.

More Sex

The survey also showed that 29% of Brazilians say they have sex more often because of the pill. Women began to take a more active sex life after the invention of the pill, increasing the number of sexual relations, said Gerson. Do not be afraid to get pregnant facilitated the sexual life of women.