Health Profession

Bill may allow payment of the outstanding debt with the health service

Payment would be through the provision of medical, clinical and hospital care for low-income populations

The Complementary Law Project 525/09 amending the Tax Code (Law 5.172/66) to authorize the provision of medical services, hospital and healthcare for low-income populations as a means of extinguishing the tax debts with the Union, has authored Mr Felipe Maia (DEM-RN).

The congressman argues that the unpaid taxes, already enrolled in outstanding debt has been accumulated over the years and today represents hundreds of billions of dollars, with reduced likelihood of settlement.

At the same time, according to Maia, there is an apparent inability to provide services by the government, which could be reduced with the implementation of the measure. The MP believes that the proposed change will allow addressing a creative, socially and economically promising, capable of promoting a double payment of debts: the social debt of the state with the population, in exchange for shares of outstanding debts of taxpayers are able to provide utility services public ".

He classified the move as bold and innovative, but warns that effective implementation will depend on a realistic regulation by agencies fazendários. "We do not ignore the complexity of the problems [for the implementation of the measure], as the definition of the financial value of services offered. There are, however, solutions such as the adoption of the SUS in the medical field, for example." For him, the project could "trigger the initial step of a formula for the future with great social impact."