Health Profession

More new stage of Physicians Program begins in February

The goal is to contemplate municipalities that did not receive the professional program launched in July 2013

The third step of the hiring More Medical Program will begin next month with Brazilian professionals and, in March, with foreigners. According to the Ministry of Health, the goal is to reach 13,000 physicians. The program currently has 6,658 professionals serving 23 million Brazilians.

The places where doctors will work have not yet been chosen. The ministry intends to include municipalities that did not receive the professional program launched by the federal government in July 2013.

In Rio, 765,900 people benefited in 23 municipalities, including the Duke of Caxias, Belford Roxo and Mosque, in the Baixada Fluminense, Campos dos Goytacazes, in northern Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis in the mountain region, and the city of Rio On state, 222 professionals are part of the program, and 198 foreigners.

In the capital, working 70 doctors. The largest number is in the west (34) and North (31) zones. The most foreigners Cuban 68. There is even a Spanish, an Argentine and a Peruvian. All meet in basic health units and clinics near the communities Family, and are monitored by the coordinators of the units.

In assessing the Municipal Health Secretariat, as the Cuban doctors were wont to meet in clinics of the Family of Cuba, they have adapted well to work in Brazil and patient response is positive.

Bahia is the state that received more professionals (787). Following come the states of São Paulo (588), Ceará (572) and Maranhão (445), where, according to the Ministry of Health, there is the lowest number of doctors per thousand population in the country (0.5).