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Ministry of Health releases the third edict More Doctors Program

Currently, 3,676 professionals participating in the program, with 819 Brazilians and 2,857 overseas trained

The Ministry of Health launched on Thursday (28) the third announcement of the More Doctors Program. According to the document, registration will start at 20h and until December 9 to December 13 Brazilians and for foreign professionals.

Doctors may apply for a job online, at the program website. For this, you must fill out an electronic form and attach scanned files for each required document, such as a copy of registration at the Regional Council of Medicine, diploma or certificate of completion and passport, in case medical exchange students. Registration will only be accepted and considered valid when all required information is completed and attached documents.

The doctor concerned may change the data in electronic form and only the last record, with confirmation made by the candidate, will be considered valid. For medical exchange students after confirmation of registration will be necessary to print the registration form generated by the system and attend the Brazilian diplomatic representation of the country in which he is enabled to practice medicine. The selection process and adherence to medical happen periodically, according to availability of vacancies and will apply to participating municipalities, as lists already published in the Official Gazette and available on the program website.

The ordinance notes that the notice has the "purpose of improving health in primary health care in priority regions for the Unified Health System (SUS) by offering specialization course.

As predicted in previous appeals, the graduates can participate in Brazilian higher education diploma or revalidated in Brazil, enabling medical institutions program to practice medicine in the country; Brazilian physicians trained in a foreign higher education institution, with qualification for the exercise of medicine abroad, and doctors trained in foreign institutions of higher education, with authorization to practice medicine abroad.

The notice also points out that the selection and occupation of positions of the More Doctors continue prioritizing professionals trained in Brazilian institutions or diploma revalidated in the country. Only in the case of unfilled vacancies, Brazilian doctors trained in foreign institutions will be invited, with license to practice medicine abroad and then foreign qualified for exercise medicine overseas doctors.

Currently, 3,676 professionals participating in the program, with 819 Brazilians and 2,857 overseas trained. These doctors serve the population of 1,099 municipalities in 19 districts of indigenous health, most of them in the North and Northeast. With the arrival of 3000 Cuban doctors, the program will, in late 2013, with more than 6600 professionals in action. According to the Ministry of Health, the work of all professionals in health care impacts of over 22.9 million people.