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Dioclécio Fields Junior and Eduardo da Silva Vaz

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Dioclécio Campos Junior's doctor, professor emeritus at the University of Brasilia (UNB), former president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and representative of SBP in Global Pediatric Education
Dioclécio Campos Junior's doctor, professor emeritus at the University of Brasilia (UNB), former president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and representative of SBP in Global Pediatric Education

The strategy mounted by the Brazilian government to discredit the national medicine politicalha is disgusting. Produces results. Some, in accordance with the goals of marketers hired with public money. Others, with designs to sell forged misleading idea solution to health problems in Brazil.

Maneuvers infamous conceal the true facts. Among the former, the spiteful blame the doctors for miserable condition that consumes the physical well-being, mental and social health of large numbers of people in this country. Also the label of corporatism used to disqualify the manifestations of the medical profession.

Among the latter, the involvement of the judiciary, forcing the issue of provisional imported medical records, so that the quality of care to the population is neglected. This is the sad scenario of discrimination against the poor. Perpetuates the culture of a state designed to cajole, not to end social inequities. How Brizola said, "is the government of UDN in overalls."

The scandal of the official propaganda is evident to those who do not get carried away by the deception. Program Doctors More Posts by beauty seduce fallacious environments, the smiles fascinating, the words made to delight, by the numbers that turn false true. Pure ruse used to prepare the election campaign that the government is testing. More Doctors is fiction film that enables compete Oscar lie.

Creators of the program have highlighted the public system of England, citing the 2.7 doctors per thousand inhabitants in the country, as if two different realities were comparable. Most of them originate from outside. Using an alien model requires complete knowledge of what is to incorporate.

In Health Economics seminar, held in Switzerland in 2008, speaks of the manager of public health in England impressed. In summary, said: "The English system is old, has a history, experience, tradition.'s Reference, but will very badly. Serious research made up of public opinion which pointed to the urgent need for change. Most users want to migrate from public service for the private network. The reason was the poor quality of care. Neither blood pressure is controlled in service users. The cause of the decay became clear. lacked motivation to the doctor. came to the conclusion that a system of public health unable to motivate it has no future. was created, then the project to encourage performance. Aimed to stimulate professional which depends the success of the system. Indicators skilled labor were deployed. monthly help you evaluate physician performance . Each has specific score. If the physician scoring above the cutoff level for assessing the performance you will receive twice the salary. If below, just the basics. Results revealed three years after the success of the measures. brought back the motivational factor that will restore the high standard of medical care. "

No official poster was made to promote the action of the British government. Not worth the treasury to promote applications. The leaders now announced an increase in the rigor of the selection process for foreign doctors entering the health system of the country. None of them works with provisional registration without approval test performed for instance respectable.

Here is another posture. The president vetoed the Medical Act. Entrusted to all other health professionals the prerogative of diagnosis and treatment. The mistake is serious, justifiable only as electioneering maneuver. Take the example of the death certificate. The document is diagnostic act. Intended to determine cause of death, cause of death call. The irresponsibility of veto jeopardizes the nature of such a procedure. If diagnosis is not the prerogative of the physician, the death certificate no longer be your assignment. As the diagnostic act ended politically socialized, there space for the new program: the more professional to certify the death.

Brazilian doctors should take similar position to the Belgian colleagues when disrespected by the government, to the late 1960s. Not paralyzed serve the population. Left, however, to sign death certificates. Chaos installed overthrew the government. Respect for the profession was restored. What can happen in Belgium occurred in Brazil.

Dioclécio Campos Jr. is a doctor, is professor emeritus at UNB, former president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, representative of SBP in Global Pediatric Education Consortium

Eduardo da Silva Vaz is a physician and president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics

Source: CFM