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House Approves More Doctors and takes CRMs right to issue provisional registration

The vote ended late in the evening on Wednesday. The matter now goes to Senate approval

The Chamber of Deputies concluded late in the evening of Wednesday (9), the vote of Provisional 621/13, which established the More Doctors.

Matter, approved as the bill ~ conversion ~ Mr Rogerio Carvalho (PT-SE), now goes to the Senate.

One of the most controversial debates about the MP was the necessity of renewing the foreign medical diploma.

The report approved provided that the alien need not revalidate the diploma within three years of the program and the first year of an extension. However, amendment of Mr Carlos Sampaio (PSDSB-SP), approved by the Plenary, restricted the exemption to revalidate the certificate to the first three years. The same amendment also stipulates that foreign doctors can only participate in the three-year extension of the More Doctors to integrate specific medical career.

Another amendment, which extended the rights Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) to Brazilian physicians participating in the program More Doctors, was rejected by 224 votes to 134.

Since the refusal of the Medical Board (CRMs) to issue provisional registration to foreigners was resolved with the displacement of the award to the Ministry of Health

The foreign medical program participant can not practice medicine outside activities More Doctors and subject to the supervision of CRMs, though he need not pay tuition.

Another change was made by the Plenary permission for retired doctors participate in the program.

The Provisional <b> Media </ b>

Since the publication of Provisional Measure (MP), in July 2013, about 670 Brazilian doctors agreed to be part of the program, and the Federal Government hopes to bring four thousand Cuban doctors to the country by the end of the year through a deal brokered by the Organization Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

These professionals work in regions with fewer proportion of physicians per capita, with a grant of U.S. $ 10,000 plus per diem expenses for installation (worth up to three bags) and the costs of commuting to the city for work.

To justify the issue of MP, the government argues that Brazil has a ratio of 1.8 doctors per thousand inhabitants, below other countries with similar socioeconomic profile (Argentina, 3.2; Uruguay, 3.7, and Cuba, 6.7).

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