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Justice requires immediate registration of professionals More Doctors in Minas

Federal Medical Council may pay a fine of U.S. $ 10,000 per day if not immediately comply determination

The Federal Court ruled on Friday (27) that the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) of Minas Gerais send immediately the temporary records of professionals with foreign diploma Program More Doctors, who work in the state. Failing to follow the determination that goes for records with a deadline for issuing expired, the CRM will have to pay a daily fine of R $ 10 thousand.

In his ruling, federal Judge John Batista Ribeiro, the 5th Civil Court, found that the resistance of the Regional Medical Council overturns the practice of administrative misconduct and may characterize malfeasance. It was also considered that the statement of participation of professionals in More Doctors, provided for the coordination of the program, it is necessary and sufficient condition for the issuance of provisional registration by the regional councils.

According to the Health Ministry, 31 of the 41 applications for registration filed had term expired until this Friday. All professionals are already in the 31 counties included in the program, but without the document, they can not work. Altogether, was filed by the Ministry of Health 647 requests for professional registration. Of this total, 182 were issued by 11 regional councils of Medicine.

With the exception of Maranhão and Roraima, medical authorities of all states have filed 29 lawsuits questioning the Program More Doctors, and the federal government obtained favorable decisions in 20 shares.

Data from the Ministry of Health show that, of the 350 applications for professional registration provisionally referred to CRMs, whose maximum term analysis expired Thursday (26), 185 were not delivered. Delays are concentrated in 15 states. Pará, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and the Amazon, among others, has not issued any records.