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Record three hospitals of patients with antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The New Delhi metallobetalactamase bacteria (NDM), was identified in three patients of public health facilities in Rio

A bacterium resistant to antibiotics, called New Delhi metallobetalactamase (NDM), was identified in three patients in public health facilities in Rio

The State Department of Health reported that, in partnership with the National Agency for Health Surveillance (ANVISA), is tracking units passed by three patients. According to doctors, has none of the three showed symptoms of infection or disease due to bacteria.

The first case in the state was recorded at the Institute of Hematology (Hemorio) last month. Then was in Campos, northern Rio de Janeiro, also in August, and the third case was identified in the last 10 days, in Duque de Caxias, in the Baixada Fluminense.

In Hemorio, bacteria was found in a patient who has been discharged. The blood bank service was not affected, but precautionary measures were taken to prevent "any case of hospital infection." Blood donations can be made normally.

The Hemorio is responsible for supplying blood and blood products to nearly 200 health care facilities in the state, including major emergencies, maternity wards and intensive care units.