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400 Brazilian confirm enrollment in the second month of the More Doctors

Most professionals will be directed to cities in the Northeast, followed by the Southeast, Midwest, South and North

The second month's selection More Doctors, 400 professionals trained in Brazil homologaram enrollment. In total, 1,414 doctors signed up. The confirmed represent 28.3% of the total and should work in 217 municipalities and ten districts of indigenous health.

Doctors confirmed represent 2.4% of total demand (16,625 physicians) presented by 4,025 municipalities and 35 districts indigenous program participants.

The interior municipalities and regions with greater social vulnerability will receive 232 doctors, most professionals. To the outskirts of the capital cities and metropolitan regions, will 157 physicians, and 11 will work in indigenous districts.

Most professionals will be directed to cities in the Northeast (160) then are the Southeast (90) Midwest (66), South (43) and North (30). In the list of states, Goiás receive 48 doctors, accompanied by Ceará (42), Bahia (35), Pernambuco (33), Minas Gerais (32) São Paulo (27), Paraíba (26), the Rio de Janeiro (24) and Rio Grande do Sul (15).

With the definition of where the doctors will act Brazilians, foreigners may choose between the remaining posts. To date, 410 professionals with diploma from other countries have completed enrollment in the More Doctors. From midnight on Friday (13) until Sunday (15), the remaining places will be offered, first, the Brazilian graduates abroad and then to foreigners.

The second selection was opened on August 19 for the accession of new municipalities and medical Brazilian and foreign, they could sign up until August 30. The professionals selected in this step will initiate activities in the first half of October.