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ANVISA determines seizure of counterfeit batch of medicine used by children

The decision was taken after the manufacturer of growth hormone Hormotrop reported that the lot was never manufactured

The National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) ordered the seizure and destruction of counterfeit batch of growth hormone Hormotrop. The decision was taken after the manufacturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory Bergamo, inform ANVISA Lot CE01105 that the drug was never marketed by the company and that it is therefore false.

The Hormotrop is used in the treatment of children with growth problem. ANVISA ordered the seizure and destruction of Lot CE01105 the drug, in the presentation of 12 IU lyophilized powder for injection.

Product Professional MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) which was advertised on websites with information on treatment for malaria, yellow fever, diabetes, cancer and AIDS, among others, had a seizure and destruction determined by ANVISA. According to the agency, the product has no record, and of unknown origin.

ANVISA also suspended the distribution, trading and use of Lot 0009 antiretroviral drug Lamivudine 10mg/ml oral solution, manufactured by Iquego, Goiás The product has quality deviation and the manufacturer shall collect the lot.