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After legal battle, ANS releases selling health plans suspended

The 246 plans were suspended on 20 August for noncompliance with deadlines. The FenaSa├║de filed suit the same day

The National Health Agency (ANS) released by court order, on Tuesday (3), the sale of the 246 health plans. The marketing of these plans was suspended by the regulatory agency.

On August 20, the agency announced the suspension for three months, sales of 212 health plans from 21 carriers for noncompliance with deadlines for consultations, tests and surgeries and negative coverage. Added to the list, 34 more than five operators that plans had already been suspended earlier in the evaluation process.

On the same day, the National Federation of Health Insurance (FenaSa├║de) filed a lawsuit claiming that misconceptions identified in the monitoring process of the deadlines for compliance with the plan beneficiaries. In response to the action, the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region suspended punishment and ruled that the NSA had been reviewed complaints used as a basis to determine the suspension of each plan.

The agency appealed, but the court denied the request. On August 29, the NSA has stated that the review, and concluded that all requirements had been met by the Federal Court and that the decision allowed suspension of the sale of the plans. On the last day 30, was taken to suspend the sale of 212 plans.

The NSA reported that assesses resources to appeal the decision, claiming that the plans were penalized for violating terms of service and negative coverage.