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Research carried out by five years confirms benefits of coffee for health

Study reveals Incor higher antioxidant activity in the body and better performance in physical exercises

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Coffee can be a major source of dietary antixoxidantes if consumed sensibly
Coffee can be a major source of dietary antixoxidantes if consumed sensibly

Analyses carried out in the last five years with 150 coffee drinkers by researchers of the Research Unit Coffee Heart, Heart Institute (Incor) showed higher antioxidant activity in the body and better performance in physical exercises.

According to one of the scientists conducting the survey, the doctor Mioto Bruno Mahler, the results show that habitual coffee consumption in moderate doses can bring beneficial effects to health and contribute to the prevention of diseases. He says the study seeks to answer questions about the effects of coffee consumption on human health. It is already known that the ingestion of high doses of caffeine can play deleterious effects on blood pressure and heart rate, says. However, this effect was obtained in tests in which they used pure caffeine capsules, each unit equivalent to six cups of coffee large bill. When analyzing the habitual coffee consumption, the results are generally neutral or positive.

Study participants were initially 21 days without eating breakfast. Then continuously took coffee, 450 milliliters (ml) per day, in two periods of 28 days, and each of them varying the intensity of roasting coffee (medium or dark). At each stage tests were performed Holter, cholesterol, blood pressure, treadmill tests and vascular reactivity, among others. Analyses of blood plasma showed higher antioxidant activity in coffee drinkers, whether with or medium roast coffee roasting with dark highlights Mioto.

According to the doctor, the coffee can be a major source of dietary antixoxidantes if consumed sensibly. The literature also records that coffee has a protective effect against diabetes, says. In treadmill tests, coffee drinkers had better athletic performance and longer exercise. This result was also seen in patients with coronary artery disease, which showed no adverse cardiac events such as angina or arrhythmias, adds Mioto.

Prevention of diseases

Another health benefit associated with coffee found in research is that the drink has no negative effect on vascular reactivity, endothelial function associated with vasodilatation and the formation of free radicals. Other studies have shown that coffee improves memory and attention, and when consumed in school lunches, can improve student performance, says the doctor. A study of 300 000 patients conducted in the United States revealed that coffee is associated with reduced total mortality, cardiovascular disease or due to external causes. According Mioto, research the Incor has shown that regular consumption of the drink is associated with disease prevention. A person who habitually drink coffee usually acquires tolerance to caffeine, preventing adverse effects occur as palpitations and irregular heartbeat, which may occur in consumers sporadic highlights.

All coffees tested led to a slight increase in cholesterol levels. In the next step of the study, which will be verified subfractions increased, and whether they are beneficial or harmful to the health, the doctor says. The dark roast coffee with no impact on blood pressure, while the average roasting caused a slight increase, probably without any clinical relevance. It is thought that the darker roasts eliminate substances (other than caffeine) to influence blood pressure, since the decaffeinated coffee consumption can also determine a slight increase in pressure.

The research in this research unit Coffee Heart, Incor. Studies have collaboration from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and the Brazilian Association of Coffee Industries (ABIC). 150 patients have been analyzed, the goal is to reach 300, says Mioto. Participants receive coffee, filters, gauges and flasks, plus coffee with quality certification of ABIC, so it does not consume other coffees during the study period. The tests should also be made with coffee like espresso and decaf.

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